Kevin & Rhiannon

Kevin & Rhiannon

Kevin & Rhiannon

Trump DL

Thursday, February 26, 201502/26/2015

Trump for President?

  Donald Trump has contemplated running for President in the past.  Is he actually serious this time?  Do you think…

Kevin DL

Thursday, February 19, 201502/19/2015

The Spell Off

  This morning Kevin and Ryan went at it in the first ever “Spell Off” LIVE on the air!!  Rhiannon…

Hollywood Image DL

Wednesday, February 18, 201502/18/2015

Old School Hollywood

  If you remember the “Golden Years” of television in Hollywood, those times were very strict and conservative.  Back then…

Brian Williams 1240

Wednesday, February 11, 201502/11/2015

Brian Williams

  Not good news for NBC Anchor Brian Williams.  The network officially suspended him without pay, after he admitted lying.…

Dreams Image

Wednesday, February 4, 201502/04/2015

What do your dreams mean?

  This morning we talked about bizarre dreams and what causes them.  During the conversation we actually received a phone…


Tuesday, January 27, 201501/27/2015

Tom Brady

  We’d like to remind you all that this “Deflate Saga” has really taken a toll on Tom Brady.  Moving…

Cash Winning

Friday, January 16, 201501/16/2015

IF you won the Lottery?

  If you won the lottery, would you keep working, or not?  If not, what would you do?

Victor and Penny 1240

Thursday, January 15, 201501/15/2015

Victor and Penny

  Victor & Penny stopped by our studios to share their talents with us!  They’re performing tonight at SCT Playhouse…

Betty White

Thursday, January 8, 201501/08/2015

People’s Choice Awards

  This morning we discussed last night’s People’s Choice Awards!  There were many highlights…including Betty White winning the “TV Icon”…

Weight Belt Image

Tuesday, January 6, 201501/06/2015

Smart Belt

  The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show is happening right now.  One of the new products being featured is the…

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